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Leisure and Events

Milan offers the most varied calendar of exhibits, concerts, trade fairs, conferences, and cultural events in all of Italy. Our reception staff, who keep up with everything happening in the city, will be happy to advise you on events you won't want to miss during your stay.

Photo by Fernando Meloni on Unsplash

Parco Sempione: A botanical garden in the centre of Milan

Parco Sempione: A botanical garden in the centre of Milan

A park stretching over forty-seven hectares designed in the late 1800s to imitate the style of English gardens, this is the green space of choice for relaxing in the warmer months among the Milanese and tourists alike.

It has recently been repopulated by a wide variety of shrubs which have helped to returning the park to its former dignity as a botanical treasure: to respect the park's historic tradition, only shrub species that were already present
in nineteenth-century Milan were planted.

Today, when strolling through the park you'll encounter flowers and leaves in enchanting shapes and colours at any time of year, as well as a number of recreational and relaxation areas for children and adults. Along the park you'll find the city's important historic and institutional buildings, such as the Sforza Castle, the Arena Gianni Brera stadium, the Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace), the Triennale di Milano museum, and the Civic Aquarium.

The Park is not only the ideal spot for relaxing but also for visiting two educational botanical itineraries organised by environmental volunteers; practising outdoor sports including paths for running, fitness, and cycling; and attending the many shows, concerts, and events organised at the Area Brera.